Sunday, December 15, 2013

Another Quilt

Tree Of Paradise

I made this several (I don't know how many) years ago.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

List of Quilts

Yesterday I was trying to think of all the quilts I have made.

From Start To Finish:

Tuckahoe Angel, applique, colors on black. Gave it to my mother-in-law Flora Cage; when she went to a retirement home, she gave it back to me. Later I gave it to my friend Jackie; her apartment burned, and the quilt was burned up.

Bear's Paw with Flying Geese border. I still own this quilt.

Mountain Echoes. This quilt was made entirely of isoceles triangles in shades of rose and burgundy. The pattern and quilting made it resemble mountains. I sold it through a quilt shop in Birmingham.

Broken Sash. I still have it. This quilt contains over 6,000 pieces.

Appliqued Hearts. This quilt was fun to make. I gave it to my friend Miriam and her granddaughters who lived with her.

Tree of Paradise. This is a Christmas quilt, about 50 inches square, pieced "trees" in red and green on white. I still have it.

Ohio Star. This is a mini-quilt, still in my collection and one of my favorites. Blue and white.

Sailboats. A pieced child-size quilt in blues and greens on white. It was featured in an Oxmoor House quilt book. I recently gave it to Jackie because the angel quilt I gave her was destroyed in a fire.

Octagon Tiles. I made this baby quilt and gave it to a fellow-employee in the Social Security office, Birmingham.

Nursery Print. This quilt was made with blocks of stuffed-animal prints, baby size. I gave it to another fellow-employee.

Palm Leaf. Made for showing in an Oxmoor House quilt book. The most difficult quilt to piece. I gave it to my friend Miriam's daughter Sharon as a wedding gift.

Sampler, large wall-hanging. Inspired by Sena Jeter Naslund's book Ahab's Wife. I still have it.

Five-Star in shades of blue and white, made as a Christmas gift for my sister Pat.

Autumn Leaves. Red, green, yellow and brown on white (not quite finished). A quilt book showed an antique appliqued quilt with leaves on white. I interpreted the quilt in patchwork.

Two small wall-hangings with cats, inspired by a Georgia Bonesteel design seen in a quilt book. One featured multicolors, and I gave it to my mother; when she passed away, I took it back. The second cat quilt by the same pattern is in black and orange, a Halloween piece made for my sister Susan.

A group of miniature, doll-size quilts, various sizes:
Sailing Ships
Old Maid's Ramble
Easter Baskets
Two 9-patch dollhouse quilts.

I hand-quilted all of the above except the Sampler, which was machine-quilted by Donna's-In-the-Attic as a gift from my sister Susan.

Quilts That I Finished For Others:

Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Family Quilts

Palm Leaf Pattern, made and hand-quilted by me several years ago. Given to Sharon O. for wedding gift.
Persian Puzzle blocks made by my daughter, pieced by me. Sold on eBay (purchased by my sister Susan).
Tiny doll-house quilt, Nine Patch pattern.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another family quilt

This pretty sailboat quilt is one of two that were made for my sons when they were little boys. Their great-aunt Carrie made the quilts, in the 1960s.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Two More MER Quilts

I found these two in the back of the guest room closet.

Hands All Around
Flower Garden

Both were made by my mother, probably in the 1970s or '80s.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Coming Along!

I'm still working on the Camilla quilt. It started out to be just pink and black, but I couldn't resist making rosettes in all those pretty colors. Haven't sewn any of them together yet, because I haven't decided whether there will be some kind of pattern, or if they'll just be randomly joined.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I listed this little quilt top on eBay. I've made several tops and don't have time to quilt them all. At left is a detail of this one. The size is 48 x 60 inches, made up of 1-1/2" squares hand-stitched together. I like it so much, I'm beginning to hope it doesn't sell!
Jan. 21, 2010 - The Sunshine and Shadow quilt top was sold on eBay for twice the price I listed!
I sent the Una quilt top (see below) to Donna's In the Attic to be machine-quilted. My sister Susan is giving me the quilting for a birthday present--i.e., she's paying Donna for the quilting.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Yo-Yo Pattern Christmas Ornaments

I made these yesterday. They're grab-bag gifts for my book club members.

Reverse side

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Old quilts

Winding Ways, made by my mother, Mary E. Ramey

Bear's Paw, with Flying Geese border
Made by Joanne Cage, 1980

Mexican Star
Top by Mary E. Ramey
Quilted by Joanne Cage

Crib quilt by Joanne Cage

Ohio Star
Mini-quilt by Joanne Cage, 1982

Log Cabin
By Mary E. Ramey

Flower Basket
By Mary E. Ramey

Double Wedding Ring
By Virginia Anne Cage, 1976

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Una's Quilt

A sampler quilt inspired by the book Ahab's Wife or the Stargazer, by Sena Jeter Naslund. Each of the nine blocks represents an image or event from the book. The blocks/events are not in chronological order.
The Crossed Canoes block (#1): Two months at sea in an open boat, the burning sun by day, the starry sky by night, the blood, the survival.
Storm at Sea (#2): Not the traditional Storm at Sea pattern but similar, this block shows the storms of confusion and guilt in the minds of the three major characters, more than the real weather.
Schoolhouse Block (#3): This represents the Kentucky cabin where Una's baby was born and died, where Susan hid from the bounty hunters, where Una first encountered David the dwarf.
The Snail's Trail pattern (#4): I thought this was an ideal Piscean pattern to portray Giles and Kit, the two men whose first glimpse of Una was of her fighting off an eagle on the balcony of the lighthouse. The white represents Giles, and the red block is the blood that caused him to commit suicide. The blue represents Kit whose life was controlled and directed by his haunting conscience, his obsession with atonement and forgiveness, and his basic psychosis. The dark yellow recalls the vile and childish acts of his mother and of Kit himself. Overall, the block shows the results of the boys' contradictory natures: Giles, the brilliant, scientific objectivist committed suicide because he couldn't live with his guilt. Kit, the religious fanatic, is still alive at the end of the book, insanely searching outside himself for expiation.
The central block, the Mariner's Compass (#5) is only a symbol of the sea, and of Ahab, the center of Una's heart.
The Milky Way block (#6) is symbolic of Una's stargazing.
The Log Cabin block (#7) is the Log Cabin quilt that Una's mother made for her.
The Pinwheels (#8) represent the four winds and the four seasons.
Block #9 doesn't have a pattern name, as far as I know. Maybe Palm Leaf. I used it to represent Haley's comet, which Una watched with Maria Mitchell.
The star borders (Lemoyne Star) illustrate Una's title role as the Stargazer.
The quilt is to be a wall-hanging, the size is approximately 36 by 48 inches. The top was made by both hand-stitching and machine, finished July 30, 2009. I plan to quilt it in August, 2009.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Didn't make the cut

This started out to be my favorite block in the Una quilt, but it's just too dark. I may do something with it yet. That streak is supposed to represent Haley's comet.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Broken Sash

I made this quilt in 1983. It has more than 6,000 pieces.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Unfinished quilt

I hope to finish this project in August (2009).

Monday, July 6, 2009

Charming Girls' Quilt Club

There's a link to this and explanation of the project on my Sourwood Mountain blog, and copied below. Here's what I've done so far on the Una quilt (above).

The second project I joined through Susan's blog is at Kelly's Charming Girls' Quilt Club. Kelly challenges members to post an unfinished sewing project, and finish it before the end of the month. The rules include prizes for finished projects, but I think the chief reward is getting some of my dozens of unfinished pieces done. My project for July is to finish the top for my Una quilt wall-hanging. So far, all I've got done is the central block and a pile of discarded attempts at more blocks and borders. Plus cutting out all the diamonds for the star border.